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 THC cup (or OSTC)

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THC cup (or OSTC) Empty
PostSubject: THC cup (or OSTC)   THC cup (or OSTC) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 6:42 am

The thc cup (or open solo thc cup)

The maps will be called OSTC - XXXXXX, i think

- There will be uploaded one map.
- we notice everybody about the OSTC earlier and they can give up.
- we notice them about the prerounds. Everybody must upload their fastest time on the map.
- The best 80 (if we reach more than that) or 64 (when 64-79 players) or 50 (when 50-63) or 32 (when amount of players <49) go on.
- It will be 1v1 with consolation 1v1v1v1. The consolation till 32 players
- 80 -> 40 + 10 (40 players lose and play 1v1v1v1 and 1 goes on) =50 -> 25 + 7 (25 players lose and we make 4: 1v1v1v1 and 3: 1v1v1 consolation finals
- from 32 we play 1v1v1v1 on three maps to 120 pts (btw, repeat the maps if it isn't reached after three maps). the best two go on.
- 16 players, same like 32 players
- 8 players, 4 matches 1v1. 3 maps to 7 pts.
- 4 players, 1v1v1v1, the winners will fight on 5 maps to 200 pts. The winner takes 25.000 coppers 2nd 15.000 coppers 3rd 10.000 coppers and the 4th 2.500 coppers
If we can afford that and if no-TMUF they may give it to an other player (or sth else)

Lets hear your opinion
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THC cup (or OSTC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: THC cup (or OSTC)   THC cup (or OSTC) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 1:50 pm

Hey MathiCs Smile

This wil be in the future obvi since were busy with other comps, but i recon we could come up with something, even a comp like the xta comp i wouldnt have a problem.

Would meen we'd have to set up another site just for the comp, if we had to host a competition it would be getting done right with lots and lots of planning, its ok entering a comp but trying to run one with alot of teams/players would be a challange on its own, but its defo something for us to sort out for the summer time.

Id prefer a team comp rather than solo, just my opinion
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THC cup (or OSTC)
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