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 TechMania Server !!!

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TechMania Server !!! Empty
PostSubject: TechMania Server !!!   TechMania Server !!! Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 2:28 am

Hi guys, just letting you know,

We currently have a FreeZone 0 - 60k Tech Mania Server Smile All Short/Mini Tech with 1 or 2 speed/tech 15 - 25 sec Tracks,

The Server is in the Scottish section..Come check it out cheers cheers

Thc Racing Server tmtp://#join=pk-server20

Master Admin: SplエҒҒ

Admins: ScoDav, Stealth, Ganjasmurf, Lateralus

Operator's: Dazzy65, Skan, Rinx, Voodoo, Thommy, Flowzu, 4ever.


イĥc SplエҒҒ
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TechMania Server !!!
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